47T Smart Recorder -Security Camera and DVR Recording Unit

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Video surveillance kit comprising of a colour outdoor camera, an audio/video receiver, and a motion activated DVR recorder. Ideal for keeping your shop, office or home secure.

Simply install the camera in your desired position either inside or outside your premises. The Receiver and DVR can be located anywhere with 100m and the camera will automatically send video (wirelessly) to be recorded on the DVR when motion is detected.

To increase the available recording memory of the DVR, purchase an additional 256MB SD card from this site.

To increase the number of cameras on your system additional Rimax 47Ts can be purchased. A maximum of three cameras will work on one system

Complete video surveillance kit for total safety, easy to install and user friendly.  

DVR records automatically whenever movement is detected. Detector sensitivity can be adjusted.  

DVR includes a picture search function that allows you to find a specific video quickly and easily.  

Can be connected to your TV to view recorded images.  

Includes 16MB of internal flash memory and an SD card slot for memory expansion.  

Colour surveillance camera that can be used indoors and outdoors, with IR sensors allowing night surveillance, through all weather conditions.  

Can be wall mounted or floor mounted.  

Built-in microphone for audio surveillance.  

The camera’s flexible stand allows adjustment of the surveillance angle.  

Several cameras can be connected to the system to secure various places.  

Any Rimax compatible 2.4 GHz camera can send its signal to the receiver thanks to its built-in audio/video inputs. 


System requirements


Receiver uses 3 different channels and can be powered either via power adapter or by a 9V battery.  

2.4 GHz signal that can pass through walls and ceilings.  

Transmission range: up to 100m depending on the number of obstacles the signal must pass through.  

Built-in microphone for audio surveillance.  

IR extension adds flexibility in the setup of the device.  

Camera requires mains power and comes complete with a 10m power cable for easy installation. 




Rimax 47T Camera  

Rimax 13R Receiver  

DVR with motion detector  

Power adapters  

Mini Jack to RCA cable (to connect 13R to DVR)  

SCART to RCA cable (to connect 13R to TV or Monitor)  

Wall mounting Kit  

User manual

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If I position the camera outside the house and looking across the garden, how close would a person need to come to the camera to trigger the recording?

The DVR can be configurated to start recording at a distance to suit. When installing the system you will need to test the system and decide which setting is best suited to your home.

Q. Can a Rimax 50R monitor be connected to the DVR to view the recorded images?This isn't possible. However, included with the product is an RCA-RCA cable that allows you to connect the DVR to a normal TV. Once connected you will be able to view the images.


Q. What happens when the recording memory becomes full? Does it automatically overwrite from the beginning?

Yes, it overwrites from the beginning. To ensure you have enough memory it is recommended that a SD memory card is purchased to increase the existing internal 16MB.


Q. What is the quality of the recording like? Is it Frame-by-Frame or continuous video?

The quality of the recording is very good. If you would like to see an example, please click here and we'll forward you a short Video by email.


Q. Can more cameras be added to the system?

The receiver unit is able to support up to three cameras. These can be any Rimax camera in the Wireless Security family of products. However at any one time, only one camera can be active. On the receiver there are switches that allow you to easily and quickly select the camera you want to be connected to the DVR.


Q. Can more than one receiver be connected to the DVR?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Each DVR can only accept the input from one receiver.


Q. Can the 47T camera operate on batteries?

No, the 47T is only mains operated. The power cable for the camera has a break in it to enable it to be passed through a small hole. If the camera is positioned outside it is recommended to have the power supply inside.

Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
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