Rimax Virtual Vision 3.0

Elevate your multimedia experience to a new level with Rimax Virtual Vision 3.0 glasses. The glasses can be connected to all kinds of devices such as DVD players, Game Consoles, TV, etc, to create a unique audiovisual experience. The LCD screen provides an image comparable to watching a 36” screen. To further improve the viewing experience the glasses have built in stereo headphones. Additional batteries are also available from this site.

Tips for getting the most from your Virtual Vision Glasses.

You should adjust the glasses to the contour of your face so that the minimum amount of light filters in through the side of the eye pieces. The darker the surrounding environment, the better the effect. When you first put the glasses on, wait between two and three minutes for your eyes to adjust to the sensation. After this time you will see that the picture becomes clearer. It is recommended not to use the glasses for more than three hours at a time. For further information please consult the user manual.

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Key features and benefits

Mini LCD display, no radiation, no damage to eyes 

Unique optical system is adopted to replicate a 36-inch screen 2 meters away 

Broad adaptability; can be connected to DVD players, Game Consoles or other standard AV products 

Supports PAL + NTSC video signals 

External battery for complete freedom - up to 8 hours maximum per charge 

Easy operation and convenience of portability 

Variable volume, brightness and contrast 

Can be worn over conventional glasses 


Technical specifications

Input power supply: DC 4.5V----DC 12V stable voltage (100-240V)  

Power adapter: output DC 9V stable voltage  

Rechargeable Lithium battery: LP900 lithium battery, 7.2V / 900mAH  

Power consumption: 1.2W  

Battery life - up to 8 hours maximum  

Image input signal: PAL or NTSC colour video signal  

Pixel: colour 230,000 pixels (320 x 240 x 3 RGB)  

Field angle: diagonal 26 degrees  

Picture size: equal to 36-inch picture 2 meters away  

Brightness, contrast and volume controls  

AV input terminal: quadruple core 3.5  

Image: 1 Vpp / 72Ω (off-balance)  

Sound: 200mVrms / 20KΩ  

Power input terminal: 4.0  

Working temperature: -20C to +60C  

Storage temperature: -20C to +80C  

Weight 200g 



Virtual Vision headset with built-in Stereo Earphones 

In-Line remote control 

Power adapter 

Audio Video cable 

Junction cables 

Triple RCA female to female converter 

User manual 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Virtual Vision compatible with the Sony PSP?

As the PSP does not have an Video Out socket the Virtual Vision will not work with it.


Q. Are the Virtual Vision glasses dangerous for my eyes?

The Virtual Vision glasses are designed so as to not damage your eyes. However, just like any screen or TV, it is recommended to take a 15 minutes break at least every 2 hours so as not to let your eyes get too tired.


Q. Can I wear my glasses with the Virtual Vision?


The product has been designed to allow use with regular glasses.


Q. Can I connect the Virtual Vision to my Digital Camcorder to view images and video stored on it?

If your camera has a cable with three RCA connectors (Red, White and Yellow) that you would normally connect to a TV then it can be connected.


Q. Can we use the Virtual Vision with an Xbox console?

Yes you can. The glasses come with the standard RED, YELLOW and WHITE RCA plugs that you find on most Video products.


Q. Are the Virtual Vision compatible with Playstation2?

Yes they are.


Q. Can I use the Virtual Vision with a PC?

As long as you have a Video Card in your PC that gives you a composite RCA input (Standard Red, Yellow and White plugs as found on all TVs, DVDs etc) then the Virtual Vision will work with it.


Can’t find the answer to your question? Click here to send us an email and we’ll get straight back to you. 


EAN Code & Warranty

Rimax Virtual Vision 3.0: 8435075903277

2 Years Warranty 

Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
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