Rimax Audio Video Sender

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The Rimax Audio Video Sender is a versatile product than can perform the following tasks:

1. Sending the signal from a Satellite, Cable or Freeview receiver (including the Rimax TDT5300) to a second TV in a different part of your home.

2. Can be used with the Rimax 30T, 34T or 47T cameras to receive images and sound on a TV, VCR or other non-Rimax Monitor.

3. Linking together a PC and TV to view DivX movies stored on a PC’s hard drive on the TV.

4. Playing MP3 files stored on a PC through a Hi-Fi system located within 100 metres of the PC.

5. Used in conjunction with Rimax Virtual Vision glasses to allow viewing of movies anywhere in the house (within 100 metres of the video source).

Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone

Key features and benefits


2.4 GHz eliminates interference for quality superior to other wireless devices  

Frequency Modulation (FM) ensures great picture and sound quality  

Transmits from any audio/video source  

Signals can be received on TVs, monitors, computer (with video capture device), or powered speakers  

4 selectable channels  

Both PAL and NTSC compatible  

Range approximately 300 feet clear line of sight  

Circular-Polarized directional antennas provide maximum signal quality over longer distance 


Technical specifications


Frequency - 2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz  

Range - up to 300 feet (100 meters) clear line of sight  

Antennas - Directional circular- antennas  

Channel - 4 selectable channels (2434, 2454, 2473, 2411): A/V mod/demod. method FM  

Dimensions - 14 x 11 x 2.8 cm (5.5 x 4.3 x 1.1 in) each for transmitter/receiver  

Weight - 200 g (7.1 ounces) each for transmitter/receiver  

Audio - Stereo audio input and output  

Video - Composite video input and output  

Operating temperature - 0C ~ 40C (32F ~ 104F) polarized 






Power adapters (x2)  

RCA to SCART cables (x2)  

Infrared sensor  

User manual 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have a satellite receiver in the main room of my house and I want to send the signal from this to a TV in the kitchen and another in the bedroom. Is this possible with the Rimax Audio Video Sender?

Yes it is. The signal will be picked up by as many receivers you have in range. The Audio Video Sender comes with one receiver only so you will need to purchase additional Rimax 13Rs if you want the signal sent to more than one TV.

No you need to have a satellite receiver or cable box to use the Audio Video Sender.

Q. I have a Freeview box. Will the Audio Video Sender work with this?

Yes it will. It works with Freeview boxes including the Rimax TDT5300.

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Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
Bluetooth hands free car kit and speakerphone
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