american need for space

why america doesnt need itswhy america doesnt need its

you dont need a space shuttleyou dont need a space shuttle

why does moma need more spacewhy does moma need more space

whether you need storage spacewhether you need storage space

in the need for spacein the need for space

who says you need a spacewho says you need a space

just what we need  more spacejust what we need more space

most of us could use an extramost of us could use an extra

cons  need enough spacecons need enough space

americans sometimes haveamericans sometimes have

who need extra space andwho need extra space and

space needsspace needs

horses need their spacehorses need their space

need dock spaceneed dock space

and i need the spaceand i need the space

if you need additional spaceif you need additional space

need extra spaceneed extra space

fat americans need more spacefat americans need more space

i need a personal space heateri need a personal space heater

states view personal spacestates view personal space

tend to need less spacetend to need less space